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Remote Video Inspection Now Available

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep Edmontonians, contractors and City inspectors safe, the City is pleased to announce that it is now offering virtual safety code (building, HVAC, plumbing, gas and electrical) inspection options for certain construction projects.

  • Remote Video Inspection (RVI) is available for building and trade permits (HVAC, plumbing, gas and electrical) inspections of occupied spaces within occupied residential and commercial locations. This includes, but is not limited to, projects such as interior alterations, basement developments, additions without a separate entrance, and occupied commercial locations where distancing or other safety protocols cannot be met. RVI enables virtual inspections through connected cellular mobile devices: one operated at the building location by the permit holder and the other by a Safety Codes Officer at a different location.

  • Verification of Compliance (VOC) - Re-inspection of corrected safety codes deficiencies from an earlier inspection may be conducted using the Verification of Compliance (VOC) method. This method involves self-declaration and photographic supporting evidence that the identified deficiencies of a previous inspection have been rectified.

Permit holders can request RVIs or re-inspection through photographic evidence by:

  • contacting the respective Safety Codes tech advisor desk

  • Building permit inquiries: or 780-496-3140

  • HVAC inquiries: or 780-496-3118

  • Plumbing and Gas inquiries: or 780-496-3117

  • Electrical inquiries: or 780-496-6674

  • calling 311, who will direct the caller to the respective tech advisor desk

  • using the ‘Inspection’ tab tick box/comment box within the SelfServe project account (available starting late May 2020)

Current building permit and inspection request intake processing time estimates are available on our new online dashboard. In-person inspections will continue to be required for unoccupied residential and commercial construction sites, most utility service disruptions in occupied homes and businesses, and exterior structures (eg. decks).

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