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Edmonton’s Booming Commercial Real Estate Scene Update

Edmonton - Real Estate is Canada’s largest industry, and it's highly local. Edmonton’s developers are tired of hearing all the doom and gloom and want to set the record straight.

NAIOP, Edmonton’s Commercial Real Estate Development Association is hosting its first Commercial Real Estate update and tour between November 23 -25 to showcase the exceptional new building projects happening around the city and to dispel the myths around the commercial real estate sector.

“It is the perfect time to highlight the notable and exciting developments that have been ongoing around the city,” says Cameron Martin, the event’s Office Market Lead. “Market activity is picking up and tenants are looking for buildings that provide them a safe and comfortable work environment, with first-rate amenities and a location they are excited to go to every day. There are opportunities throughout Edmonton that check off all of these boxes, and this event is designed to highlight those opportunities.”

Kaylee Haynes, a Development Manager with TAG Developments agrees. “Commercial Real Estate touches almost every business in Edmonton. Well-planned developments play an important role in enticing companies to set up in the region and create job opportunities,” she says. “I think it’s important for us to communicate our optimism in the recovering economy, as well as the important role commercial real estate plays in the health of our city as a whole.”

Media Availability

Edmonton Media are invited for the launch of the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Tour Tuesday, November 23 at 10: 00 a.m. inside the newly renovated HSBC Building, 10250 - 101 street, in downtown Edmonton.

Get an update from some of Edmonton’s leading developers on the status of all 3 sectors of retail, office, and commercial development in Edmonton at one of Edmonton’s most exciting new commercial development projects downtown.

The HSBC project saw the complete exterior and interior redevelopment of the HSBC building complete with a lobby digital art installation and LEED certification and is an example of some of the incredible commercial design that is taking place in our city.

NAIOP’s full city tour will showcase retail, office, and industrial developments from around the Edmonton region with a live panel discussion each day from over a dozen of Edmonton’s top developers, talking about the trends they are seeing, the limits being pushed through commercial design and the excitement happening in the market. The online conference also includes video walk-throughs, interactive maps, and developer interviews.

“The worst part of a bus tour is the bus,” says Anand Pye, the Executive Director of NAIOP Edmonton. “Doing these video tours allows us to profile more properties, and people can tune in when it works for them.”

The tour will be all online and showcases retail, office, and industrial developments from around the Edmonton region, including video walk-throughs, interactive maps, developer interviews, and panel discussions.

Media wishing to access the video tours and interviews with developers can access this content here.

This in-depth look at the Edmonton commercial real estate landscape starts November 23rd. Media are welcome to attend the conference online. The live panel discussions cover all areas of commercial real estate with the office panel on November 23 at 1 p.m. The retail panel is on November 24th at 9 a.m. and the industrial panel is on November 25th at 9:00 a.m. Media wishing to attend can contact Anand Pye, Executive Director of NAIOP with the contact information below.

Tickets for the public are available in advance at

For more information on the NAIOP tour visit

Anand Pye

Executive Director, NAIOP Edmonton


Catherine Bangel

Bangel PR


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