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Membership in NAIOP Edmonton is an investment in the profile of yourself, and your company. 


Why join?

Connect with the leaders in the commercial development industry and uncover new opportunities.  Build relationships that will span your career and ensure you are always on the forefront of what is happening, and who is behind it.

In a market as ambitious and nimble as ours you cannot afford to not be educated, on top of current affairs, and dialed into the wisdom of experienced professionals and thought leaders in Edmonton’s commercial development industry.

NAIOP is the decisive voice for the commercial development industry in Edmonton’s Capital Region.  Membership in NAIOP will give you a credible and powerful framework to ensure your voice is heard and meaningful progress is made on issues that matter. 

International Reach
Join NAIOP Edmonton and you will be connected to more than 19,000 like-minded professionals throughout North America.

Which membership is right for you?

 We just need a little information first:

​Please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director, Anand Pye, if you have any questions about your membership or have any trouble with the online membership process.

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