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Beyond Brick and Mortar

Welcome to Beyond Brick & Mortar! We’re excited to present this fresh and fascinating new highlight reel of a handful of businesses working to enhance downtown Edmonton as a place where you don’t just come for a coffee but stay for an experience.


Go Beyond Brick & Mortar with:

Buco Pizzeria – EPCOR Tower

Urban Italian, Traditional Passion – Buco Pizzeria & Vino is devoted to bringing you authentically modern dishes and a full array of flavourful wines. With a spacious venue perfect for an after-work get-together or a family-style celebration, Buco delivers a memorable dining experience and a feeling that you are part of the family.


“Edmonton’s downtown is vibrant and underrated, there’s so much that it has to offer.”

-Emily Laycock, Buco Pizzeria.


Discover Buco Pizzeria today:

Vandenbergs Jewellers – Manulife Place

You should love every word of the story your jewellery tells, and Vandenbergs Jewellers prides themselves on creating that story. Their designers will find the finest jewelry for exquisite taste, with second-to-none attention to detail, their custom designs will tell a unique story to you. Each piece is destined to become a family heirloom.


“Edmonton’s downtown is a work-in-progress, with an amazing future.”

-Ralph Vandenberg, Vandenbergs Jewellers.


Find your story with Vandenbergs Jewellers today:


Credo – Enbridge Centre

More than just coffee, Credo is about connections, relaxation, and feeling at home. They're dedicated to serving coffee that enhances your experience with every sip. You’ll be embraced with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere on every visit— it’s coffee you can believe in.


“Edmonton’s downtown is vibrant, creative, and full of energy.”

-Geoff Linden, Credo


Find your connection with Credo today:


Henry Singer – Stantec Tower

Founded in downtown Edmonton 85 years ago, Henry Singer is more than just a clothier; they’re your lifestyle destination. You’ll experience who they are in new ways with three new concepts: Parlour Barba, Bar Henry and Shoe Shine Shack. Providing complete wardrobing solutions, you’ll dress to find success through what you wear.


“Edmonton’s Downtown is changing in the best way possible.”

-Jordan Singer, Henry Singer.


Find your high service experience with Henry Singer today:


Boulevard Diamonds – Edmonton City Centre

Serving downtown Edmonton for nearly 25 years, Boulevard Diamonds is family-owned and operated, dedicated to making a bond with every customer who walks through their door, building long-term relationships on every visit. They’re not just looking to make a sale but also to invite you into their family.


“Edmonton downtown is now a happening place.”

-Rina Thaver, Boulevard Diamonds.


Join the Boulevard Diamonds family:


Sam Abouhassan – Commerce Place

Fashion is constantly evolving, but one thing remains the same: quality. Sam Abouhassan has stood by this since 1978. Finding the perfect custom fit is difficult; they make it a priority. Sam Abouhassan works to find you the fit you need with no pressure, providing a flawless experience while making a connection every time.


“Edmonton downtown is the heart of the city.”

-Sam Abouhassan, Sam Abouhassan Custom Clothier.


Find your fit with Sam Abouhassan:


Al-Brite – 103 Street Centre

Create your moment with Al-Brite Jewellers, crafting the most intricate details and unique needs for your jewellery, so you’re not just getting a quality product but a memory that will be cherished for a lifetime. In business for over 65 years, they bring you a tailored experience, springing your ideas to life. You are well looked after with Al-Brite Jewellers.


“Edmonton’s downtown is a great place for everyone to come and check out.”

-Spencer Jongkind, Al-Brite Jewellers.


Make memories with Al-Brite Jewellers:

Creating a Connection

Beyond Brick & Mortar will bring the heart of these businesses, people and entrepreneurs who make our city’s core unique to you — allowing you to connect on a deeper level with those who help our community thrive and re-ignite pride and ownership in our downtown.


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