Developing Leader Mentorship Program

NAIOP Edmonton is proud to open the annual Developing Leader Mentorship Program. This program provides Developing Leader members with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth through focused, one-on-one networking sessions with leaders in the commercial real estate community.

This year we have an exciting new slate of mentors from around Canada with ties to the Edmonton Commercial Real Estate community. 


Join NAIOP Developing Leaders' premier program and take your career to the next level! 

How it works:

  1. You choose 2 mentors you'd like to talk to (see our incredible mentor list below and click for full bios):

  2. Sign up using the Registration button below

  3. NAIOP sets up mentees with their chosen mentors

  4. Mentees meet with each mentor twice (4 meetings total) between August 18th and November 31st. The mentee is responsible to schedule dates with the mentor.

2020 Mentors

We are honoured to have had the following industry leaders participating in our industry leading mentorship program.

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Darin Rayburn

Melcor Developments Ltd.

President and CEO

Cody Clayton

Remington Development


Sarah Esler


Senior Portfolio Manager, Mortgage Investments

John Croft

Camrock Capital


Colin Clish

PointOne Developments

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Shaun Wuschke

Bentall Kenedy

Senior Vice-President, Edmonton

Alex Thomson

Cameron Corporation

Vice President, Investments

Dave Young


Executive Vice President & Managing Director

Nilesh Paray

Pangman Development

Director of Finance  

Matt Woolsey

York Realty 


How to Apply:
  1. You must be a NAIOP Developing Leader member to participate in the program. (Join now to if you are not already a member).

  2. Register to secure your spot for this year's program.

All Mentee's will have the opportunity to book two mentorship sessions with the Mentor of their choosing. Sessions will be booked on a first come, first serve basis.

Once you have booked a mentorship session you will be provided with Mentor contact information and are responsible to arrange an exact time and place for your meeting.

It is each Mentee's responsibility to be prepared for your session in order to receive the most value from your Mentor. Make the most of your sessions by reading and implementing these Tips for a Great Experience.